What is pedal commander?

Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller. It removes response delays on your electronic accelerator pedal. Effectively, it allows your engine to respond faster.

As a result, your Jeep JK can accelerate and respond faster to your foot’s command. You paid lots of money for your Jeep, but when you press your gas pedal, you feel like you are pressing a sponge. Have you ever noticed that old cars were more responsive?

We have a solution for you!! Pedal Commander has 4 different control modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+ . Each control mode has 8 different sensitivity levels which you can choose. These 36 different parameters, in total, is what makes us different than others. Pedal Commander is programmable according to your desire within your car’s specifications.

​Product Benefits:

  • Removes Delays Removes all disadvantages of electronic gas pedal & effectively allows your engine to respond faster.
  • Individually programmed according to the make, model, engine specs and transmission of your Jeep.
  • NEW Pedal Commander is Bluetooth compatible. User-Friendly & Adjustable
  • Pedal Commander system comes with 4 different modes: Eco,City,Sport and Sport+. Each mode has +4 raise and -4 low adjustment.
  • 2-Year Product Warranty.
  • You are getting a top quality product. However, just in case the power electronics are defective, we will replace your product free of charge – within 2 years of purchase!
  • You will see magical touch on your car: more responsive engine, faster acceleration and greater fuel efficiency on Eco Mode! Simply more driving pleasure!
  • Easy Plug-and-Play Installation
  • OEM Factory Harness &  Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation within 10 Minutes
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • We offer a 14-day money back guarantee to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Top Quality: All automotive top grade components, such as 3M keypad controller, high performance CPU’s for real-time calculations and original connectors in OEM quality.
Please check out your vehicle on eBay compatibility list above. If you do not see your vehicle on the list, please contact us. After purchase, please let us know your vehicle’s year, model and engine specs, so we can program the product according to your vehicle’s specs.

Understanding Pedal Commander Program MODES:

Eco: Eco program makes your throttle’s response 50% slower than stock vehicle. Therefore there is no sudden RPM increment on engine, which will help you save fuel and get better gas mileage. Eco program is also suggested for off-road use for Jeeps, Pickup and SUVs. Also, we suggest using this mode under heavy weather condition (e.g., snowing and raining) because it will make your tire traction safer. ECO mode can save fuel up to 20% fuel.

City: This mode makes your throttle 25% more responsive than stock car – great for daily city usage.

Sport: This mode makes your throttle 60% more responsive than stock car which is good for spirited driving.

Sport +: This mode makes your throttle 95% more responsive than stock car. We suggest this mode only for racing purpose (using this mode in city or heavy traffic can cause higher fuel consumption and accidents due to super fast engine response time.

Compatible Models for Jeep
• Cherokee
• Commander
• Compass
• Grand Cherokee
• Patriot
• Renegade
• Wrangler ’06-’18


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